Great Rental in a Hot Area! Multi-Family Near Orlando

  • บ้าน
    2670 ft2
    bedroom 0 ห้องนอน
    bathroom 0 ห้องอาบน้ำ
  • ให้เช่า
    $282,900 0
    สถานะ : ขาย
    ปีที่สร้าง : 1926
Property Overview: Here is an opportunity to own an updated triplex in a prime location of Orange City. This property is three separate units, on separate meters and using separate AC units. Go see for yourself how well this property is well maintained, call or email to schedule your showing.
Property Features includea sturdy newer roof on main unit, metal roofs on side units, updated windows, a well-preserved kitchen with all appliances included, nicely maintained bathrooms, a fully intact central AC system lastly updated electrical and plumbing.
 Rehab Work Needed
  • Paint Interior
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Comparable #1

2415 N Sparkman Ave , Orlando, FL, USA, 32763

Sold : $210,000



Great Rental in a Hot Area! Multi-Family Near Orlando ขาย
Property ID: 5b940aa3db085
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เมือง: Orlando
รัฐ / จังหวัด: FL
รหัสไปรษณีย์: 32763
ประเทศ: USA

Rental Analysis

+ Purchase Price: $282,900
+ Purchase Closing Cost: $5,658
+ Rehab Cost: $1,000
Total Acquisition Cost: $289,558

Monthly Rent: $1,350
+ Annual Potential Rent: $16,200
- Vacancy (0%): $0
Annual Gross Income: $16,200
Annual Gross ROI: 5.59%


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