Benefits of  Lead Capture + CRM

Cash Flow Investors Portal (CFIP) provides a CRM and a website with which property wholesalers and agents can put their properties in need of sale, rent. On the portal, wholesalers and the agents have an opportunity to keep their the details of the property like measurement of the property, location, area, the image of the property and even the exact amount in which they want to come their property under sale or rent. That means we have taken all responsibilities to provide property leads to the wholesalers and agents as well.

 1. User-Friendly Dashboard.

 2. Unlimited Properties Leads.

 3. Promote your Brand and Properties. 

 4. A Professional Real Estate Network. 


Private Label Website Exclusive Features

Cash Flow Investors Portal (CFIP) providing a lot of useful and attractive features to the Wholesalers, Investors and Agents to boost their business. We provide support to build a strong network with the other CFIP Wholesalers and Investors. We also give you a FREE Website with your own brand.


Private Label Website

Device Compatible Website for Desktop or Mobile or Tab. 


SEO Friendly &

100% fully Customize and SEO friendly.


Auto Synchronize
with CFIP

Your properties will be Auto Synchronize with CFIP website.



Live Chat for communication with your clients.


Social Media Lead

You will receive Property Leads from all the Social Media.


Lead Generation

Attractive Lead Generation Tools for getting Property Leads.


Property Share With

Cross-Promote properties with your own CFIP Network.


Joint Venture

Build a Network with our CFIP Wholesalers or Agents.


Email Marketing

A Marketing tool for Email Campaign with your Clients.


SMS Marketing

An SMS Marketing tool for SMS Campaign with your Clients.


Technical Support

A Technical Support team to Customize your own website.


Customer Support

Our Support Team always available for you in 24 x 7 hrs. 

Are you Ready to Get  Property Leads?

Cash Flow Investors Portal a group of Wholesalers, Investors, and Agents with access to 4,000 plus cash buyers in our network and we are currently low on inventory. We have many ways of providing leads and clients for your properties. We can work together whether it's helping you build a brand during the process or just getting your properties sold.



CFIP Private Label Websites are designed for today's advanced world, working on all major platforms, Browsers, and Device. Already have a website? No worries, our team will work with you and get your old website transfer to our NEW platform where you will now benefit from all the advanced features. Get started today with FREE Sign Up.


If you are facing any trouble or you need any clarification then please come to our LIVE CHAT and we will be happy to assist you in solving your query. please feel free to contact us.