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From The Acquisitions Team at Cash Flow Investors Portal

Today’s world is driven by immense competition in the Real Estate industry. We have built a platform that incorporates the two worlds together.  Accomplishing this by providing a website that Real Estate Investors can access direct wholesalers.  This creates more time for the investors to deal directly toward investing. Ultimately, creating the opportunity for wholesalers to spotlight and exhibit their properties directly to investors. This not only saves time and agony but appeals to the appropriate market for their business.



Pedro Pichardo (Founder) graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a core in Information Technology. Pedro always had a passion to start a successful business revolving the IT industry. So when he graduated he opened his first Computer Repair store. Working long hours and striving to get ahead in life he found himself expanding his computer store to a bigger facility where he then was able to support and supply hundreds of computers to Universities and Corporations. He later realized that it was time for a change as a new passion played its course. Pedro Pichardo became an Investor in 2016 where he soon saw a lack of resources for investors and wholesalers. He wasted no time and began to research the industry more than ever and what was missing so that he can solve the problem. He became a REALTOR in 2018 and soon later solved one of the biggest problems that property investors and property wholesalers have been having for decades. This is where was born...

Pedro Pichardo - B.B.A - Realtor
Founder & Realtor
Cash Flow Investors Portal