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 Umatilla buy Or .hold -good rental income for 79k

  • House
    1056 acre
    bedroom 2 Bedrooms
    bathroom 2 Baths
  • Rental
    $79,900 0
    Status : Available
    Year Built : 1986

Great Returns On This Umatilla Rental

Property Overview: The subject property is located in Umatilla. We feel that it would make an excellent rental property because it is the cheapest home available in Umatilla and has the potential to earn an investor 15% gross returns. It can be purchased for $79,900, and it is recommended to make an estimated total of $6000 in replacing the carpets, a new bathtub insert and installing central A/C in order to get the best return as a rental. So you would be all into the project for roughly $90,000. The rental comps of homes in the area of this property, lead us to believe this property can rent for $1100 a month. Call or email your Stonebridge agent for more details.  This property is certain to sell quickly. 
 Rehab Work Needed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom
  • Floor
 General Amenities
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Umatilla buy Or .hold -good rental income for 79k Rental
Property ID: FL190717304
Address: Login to View
City: Umatilla
State/Province: FL
Zip Code: 32784
Country: USA

Rental Analysis

+ Purchase Price: $79,900
+ Purchase Closing Cost: $2,397
+ Rehab Cost: $6,000
Total Acquisition Cost: $88,297

Monthly Rent: $1,100
+ Annual Potential Rent: $13,200
- Vacancy (3%): $396
Annual Gross Income: $12,804
Annual Gross ROI: 14.5%


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