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 Deltona Clean Pool House Flip with Great Returns!!!

  • House
    1556 acre
    bedroom 3 Bedrooms
    bathroom 2 Baths
  • Flip
    Status : Sold
    Year Built : 1986
Property Overview: Talk about a walk in the park.Here is your chance to be in and out of a property in 2 months or less! Already partially updated, this property just needs a little TLC and will be ready to be put back on the market! Call or email  for more details.

Property Features include; a sturdy roof, a well-preserved kitchen with all appliances included, nicely maintained bathrooms, wood and tile floors throughout, and a fully intact central AC system.
 Rehab Work Needed
 General Amenities


Deltona Clean Pool House Flip with Great Returns!!! Sold
Property ID: 5ba9232d91015
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City: No parent
State/Province: FL
Zip Code: 32725
Country: USA

Flip Analysis

+ Purchase Price: $171,900
+ Purchase Closing Cost: $5,157
+ Rehab Cost: $20,000
Total Acquisition Cost: $197,057

+ Selling closing cost: $7,200
Total Holding Cost: $7,200

Total Flip Cost: $204,257
Projected ARV: $240,000
Net Income (Profit): $35,743
CAP Rate: 17.5%


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