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 Great Rental in a Hot Area!

  • House
    1000 ft2
    bedroom 3 Bedrooms
    bathroom 1 Baths
  • Flip/Rental
    Status : Sold
    Year Built : 1984
Off-Market! 3/1 Home in the hot Kissimmee market. This investment would make a great rental with flip potential. This house is needs light to medium work depending if you want to rent or flip it. The roof is in ok condition for a rental and has been patched before but it is older and might need to be replaced for a flip.  A/C is running cool. Electrical seems ok but please check. There might be some plumbing issue from the bathroom running water to the kitchen so will probably need token taken care of. Concrete slab on the back of the house might need to be checked since it has some cracks from roots of an older tree. Other than that the house needs a few other light fixes here and there. This house is on septic. The backyard is spacious and the lot might be able to use as commercial since there are other business in the area. 
 Rehab Work Needed
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Yard
 General Amenities
Comparables (Comps.)

Comparable #1

2516 Highland Ave, Orlando, FL, USA, 34744

Sold : $166,500


Great Rental in a Hot Area! Sold
Property ID: 5b8f1831ad15b
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City: Orlando
State/Province: FL
Zip Code: 34744
Country: USA

Rental Analysis

+ Purchase Price: $115,000
+ Purchase Closing Cost: $3,450
+ Rehab Cost: $5,000
Total Acquisition Cost: $123,450

Monthly Rent: $1,100
+ Annual Potential Rent: $13,200
- Vacancy (0%): $0
Annual Gross Income: $13,200
Annual Gross ROI: 10.69%

Flip Analysis

+ Purchase Price: $115,000
+ Purchase Closing Cost: $3,450
+ Rehab Cost: $15,000
Total Acquisition Cost: $133,450

+ Selling closing cost: $4,200
Total Holding Cost: $4,200

Total Flip Cost: $137,650
Projected ARV: $140,000
Net Income (Profit): $2,350
CAP Rate: 1.71%


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